Overall, my mother (with vascular dementia) is functioning better in her environment.  She is more observant to things and about the people around her.  She handles social situations with more ease & enjoys people more!

"My son is 5 years old and has a gene mutation that is responsible for his epilepsy and learning delays. He has seizures daily and he struggles daily with everyday tasks: eating, using the restroom, riding a bike, communicating his needs and talking in general. He also struggles when he goes someplace new. He gets very overwhelmed easily and will often scream and throw himself on the floor. He also struggles with new experiences. For example: just eating outside on our patio would be a very difficult task for us. We rarely go anywhere new. 


He started the Nicholas Summer School Program 2 weeks ago. I'm happy and simply overjoyed that we have already noticed changes in him. I really can't believe the difference the school has made regarding his behavior and learning. His attention and focus have increased. He will spend more time completing a task, such as coloring (he used to hate coloring and last week he actually requested to color......WHAT???), completing a puzzle, etc. He is overall calmer and happier! I'm able to redirect him much easier without him having a meltdown. He has been talking WAY more and has even started to engage in conversation. He also handles new situations better. We were able to eat outside on our patio last week as a family with no complications from him! He actually ate his entire meal at the table with us! Usually myself or my husband will take turns eating so that one of us can attend to him and his needs. We were able to eat at the same time! We have never been able to do that (other than our kitchen table) before. The improvements that he has made at the Nicholas School has changed, not only him, but our entire family. Thank you so much for making these small changes that are actually huge changes for our entire family. Thanks again and we look forward to continuing his education with you!"

The first thing I noticed the first 2 weeks was less stumbling and . . . a hug! I don't remember that she ever hugged me before, but she does it regularly now!

Then after 2 weeks, she started running! Before, she would fall so many times during the day on a level floor with nothing to trip over. She seems stronger than she was, more coordinated and happier!


Mother of  8 week Children's Grant Participant

The Center is a wonderful place with the most amazing people.  Warmth and kindness radiates from every employee.  They truly care and have helped my husband improve through many different aspects.

For us, it has been a full circle, humbling experience.  Almost 20 years ago, my husband volunteered at the Center and then was asked to become a board member.  Now we are the clients.

We are so very thankful and count our blessings for the Center's help.  It is here you will find hope and healing.  It is here you will find an extended family who understands and cares. They will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Our son makes better eye contact. His focus and ability to track are improved also.  His head control is much improved!.  We feel that overall he has grown much stronger since he's started here.

My grandson is on an IEP at school and his IEP tutor asked me at his conferences if we were doing something new because he is calmer and more focused and making excellent progress. He is also calmer at home and getting along with his sister.

This place is a Godsend where miracles happen daily!


Grandparent of 8 week Children's Grant Participant.

Since the beginning the summer program at the Nicholas School just 4 weeks ago, I have seen many positive changes in my son. I've noticed an increase in his confidence in all areas of daily living. His vocabulary and word choice has progressed, where I hear him saying 5 and 6 word sentences. His independence with toilet training has improved exponentially. I find that it's easier for him to follow two and three step commands without prompting and/or verbal cues. He's more socially interactive with his siblings and family. We love seeing all of his wonderful progress! Great job Nicholas School!

When we began the program, our son had only been crawling for a few weeks.  After 5 weeks of the program, he's rolling all the time, crawling, pulling himself up on his knees and now can pull to standing.  His vocabulary has increased as well as his comprehension.


This is a wonderful program and I'm so thankful we found it.


Mother of  2 year old son

Aquatic Therapy really helps with pain from rheumatoid arthritis. My husband has greater mobility and flexibility.

The staff is awesome! Very pleasant, professional and compasionate!

We began the Neurological Program in August of 2015. After our initial 8 week program, the pre and post test results were significantly improved. Our family and her school staff reported an increase in sentence length and more spontanious verbalizations at home and school. We decided to continue the Neurological Program and Neuroeducational Class twice a week to continue to work on fine motor and congitive skills. Her verbal skills have continued to progress and she has improved her ability to initiate peer/adult conversations and her conversational skills have progressed as well. She continues to work on answering questions when asked and lengthening her answers. Her cutting and writing skills have improved as well and her problem solving reasoning has improved since being involved in the program.

In May our school district completed her IEP. As part of this process two separate cognitive test/assessments were given. She scored within the normal to below average category and she didn't qualify for her IEP based on an intellectual disability. Her scores were too high!!! I truly believe that participating in the Neurological Program and Neuroeducational Class have helped her reach more of her potential, both academically and in her communication goals. A big heartfelt thank you to all the staff that have helped her reach her new goals. I am so excited to see what new skills will emerge as she grows.

I am so grateful that our daughter has been able to work with so many caring specialists (during our time at the Center.) The pragmatic, hands-on, directly-affecting-her-brain work that you do with her is something that I value as much, or quite a bit more, than conceptual work attempted in the classroom.  Given her particular diagnosis of "Mild Hypoplasia of the Corpus Callosum", I believe this consistent and hands-on work will influence her whole being deeply.

She has more full-on, confident engagement socially:  increased eye contact, more attentive listening, convincing and thoughtful speaking.