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We offer those with special needs the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential utilizing individualized neurodevelopmental, neuroeducational and wellness programs. We offer the general community the opportunity to increase their well-being utilizing a variety of services within the wellness program.

Services offered through the Hahn-Hufford Center of Hope are all anchored in the same therapeutic approach to treatment-the concept of Neurodevelopmental Therapy.

In this approach the brain is viewed as a pliable organ that can be trained to perform new functions.  Given the proper stimulation, the brain can "learn or re-learn" to perform the functions of brain areas that may have been previously damaged or underdeveloped.


The Center is a non-profit agency that takes pride in being able to serve a diverse group of individuals.  

Within the Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development you will find an extraordinary consolidation of four unique programs. These services are designed specifically for the neurological rehabilitation and education of children and adults experiencing neurological impairment.

Serving the Miami Valley Region since 1972, the Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development is known for providing a caring family atmosphere. The activities provided by the Center are anchored in the concept that the brain is as a pliable organ that can be trained to perform new functions. This approach focuses on the problem not the symptoms. Our goal is to help each individual achieve his/her maximum potential.

We respect the integrity of each individual seeking help from the center. Our services are designed to increase functions and usage of the sensory motor pathways. Each program provides individualized care that focuses on each individual's unique needs.

The Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development has been recognized for over five decades for compassionate, knowledgeable and family-oriented care.  Serving infants, children and adults who are experiencing difficulites associated with stroke, birth trauma, traumatic brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome and others; our mission is to help each client reach their maximum potential.


Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment designed to assist clients with their individual challenges, the Rehabilitation Center provides neurologically based physical, visual and cognitive exercises individually designed to increase function and stimulate usage of sensory motor pathways.


The result is improved function. In this approach, we are treating the cause rather than the symptoms. The primary objective of this service is to help each person achieve his/her maximum potential.


The Center is a busy place and we can always use volunteers to help out. If you have some spare time and enjoy helping others reach their potential, then give us a call! We would love to have your helping hands.

Contact Barb or Carla at 937-773-7630

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