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EEG Neurofeedback is a painless, non-invasive procedure utilizing operant conditioning techniques.

One or more sensors are placed on the scalp.  A computer reads the brainwaves and provides the proper feedback for the trainee.  The trainee watches a video display with audio signals that provides the proper reward for the desired brain state.

As activity in a desirable frequency band increases, the reward increases.  Gradually the brain responds to the cues it is being given, and "learning" of new brain patterns takes place.

The new pattern is one that is closer to what is normally observed in individuals without the problematic condition.

Neurofeedback Training
Goals of EEG Training
  • Improved Behavior and Learning
  • Improved Performance in school or at work
  • Increased Self-esteem
  • Improved Attention and Concentration
  • Abstract Thinking
  • Increased Self-control
  • Increased Social Competence
  • Higher Intelligence Test Scores
  • Ability to Focus on Multiple Tasks
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Improved Visual Spatial Orientation
  • Better Job Performance
  • Improved Family Relations
  • Improved Sleep Patterns

Neurofeedback Helped Me
Neurofeedback training helped me in so many ways, but one in particular. I was very scared to get pregnant because I didn't know how I would go 9 months without being on my medication for my panic attacks. After hearing about neurofeedback and then checking it out, I decided to try it.  To my delight, after completing 40 sessions I have been completely drug free and completely panic attack free. I am also expecting my first little girl.

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"I Just Couldn't Shut Down My Brain Chatter"

Getting to sleep was a big issue with me.  I just couldn't get my brain to be quiet.  After just a few sessions things in my head started to be still and allowed me to get to sleep, which helped many aspects of my life.

Neurofeedback Client
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After being in the hospital with West Nile encephalitis I have been dealing with months of intense anxiety and doctors who were no longer able to help.  In just the few neurofeedback sessions I have done so far I can already feel a difference.  I have hope again that I can get back to who I used to be.

Neurofeedback Client
A mom’s story:

Being parents to a teenager is not easy but when your teenager is putting themselves in situations that can destroy their future and tear apart your family, it is so overwhelming.  In our situation we tried every avenue to get help for our daughter but couldn’t seem to find the right kind of help that would produce results.

In May 2012 I became part of the Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development ‘family’.  I did not tell anyone at first how bad things were at home with our daughter, then one day I mentioned going to court and the dam broke!
Pam and Kim said to bring her in for a neurofeedback evaluation.  I brought her in July to be assessed and she started coming twice a week.  No---- it was not an overnight fix, but it has been the miracle we were looking for!  She has been consistent while doing neurofeedback and has almost 40 sessions completed! 
I can now say she loves school and has good grades, is off probation, has a part time job she loves and is being a productive, responsible 17 year old.  Our home life has become ‘normal’ again, or as normal as it can be with a teenager!  I am able to have a relationship with my child which I have prayed for years for! 
At the end of your rope……..Neurofeedback provides hope!

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How can Neurofeedback help?
Expect to see improvements in:
Bed Wetting
Difficulty Falling Asleep
Night Sweats
Generalized Anxiety
Oppositional Defiant Behavior
Panic Attacks
Restless Leg Syndrome
Sleep Terrors
Sleep Apnea
Sleep Walking
Bipolar Disorder
Conduct & Rage Disorders
Dissociative Disorders
Tourette Syndrome
Pain Management