The Center is a non-profit agency that takes pride in being able to serve a diverse group of individuals. 

Our Programs
* Individualized Neurodevelopmental program to help each client reach their Maximum Potential.
*Chartered as a non-public K-8th grade special needs school

*Students are instructed academically according to the Ohio Department of Education Operating Standards for Elementary and Secondary Schools

*A developmentally oriented program that incorporates perceptual motor skill training into the academic setting through individual or small group classes
*EEG Neurofeedback training is a learning strategy that provides the brain with information that helps normalize brain wave activity

*A painless, non-invasive procedure that allows the trainee to progress at their own pace and normalize mechanisms that regulate the body

*Improves Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Stress, Migraine Headaches and more!
*A full sized heated indoor pool provides the perfect setting for pool therapy administered by our pool therapists.  Some of the benefits are improved circulation, relaxation, rhythmic deep breathing, reduction of arthritic pain and increased control of paretic limbs

*Foot Reflexology and Massage Therapy services are offered thru our Wellness Center for a separate fee
*Individual Session with Neuroeducational Specialist concentrating on areas such as speech, fine motor, cognitive, perceptual therapy and academics.

Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development
                              Nicholas School
                      The Brain Wellness Center
               Aquatic Therapy & Wellness Center
Adult Dayhab
1306 Garbry Road  Piqua, OH  45356
937-773-7630 Center     937-773-6979 School
The "Hahn-Hufford Center of Hope" is named in honor of our co-founders: Ruth Hahn and Gloria Hufford, for their vision and dedication.
For more information about implementing a Home Program for your child or family member, contact evaluator Beverly at
937-773-7630 or by email at
With busy schedules and/or travel constraints, a Home Program can be an appropriate framework for implementing a very specific and individualized neurodevelopmental program for individuals of all ages and their families. Components include initial evaluation, two (2) re-evaluations, initial training session and four (4) follow-up review program sessions over an 18 month time frame.

*Provides services and activities for the adult with developmental disabilities. *Focuses on non-work activities such as improving communication and mobility, improving individual self-advocacy skills, enhancing social skills and relationships as well as improving the physical and emotional well being of each individual.
*Adult day program clients may participate in our aquatics program, neurofeedback service, group class activity, floor activities as well as a variety of social interactive activities.
Home Program
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